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VP Animations
Bringing your Concepts to Life

    VP Animations is a full service animation company. With over 30 years in the industry, Our extensive experience is what enables our designers and artists to "Bring your Concept to Life". At VP Animations, we work "with" you to develop your own custom animatronic character, or animated show that is yours and yours alone.

    We use the latest animation technology that is found the world over in the most recent world expo's and the finest theme parks, providing you with the most cost efficient and maintenance free animatronics available today.

    Under computer direction, our Three-D-Motion characters use the latest "state-of-the-art" technology to entertain and charm your audience with startling realism. Our characters can be integrated with video for point of purchase sales, mall directories, information booths, trade show exhibits, the possibilities are endless!

    Our greatest asset is the group of talented artisans, all of which are experts in their field, that we have assembled together to provide our customers the absolute finest product available anywhere.

    VP Animations specializes in animated displays - the use of three dimensional animated characters for commercial and educational purposes. Our fanciful Three-D-Motion characters sell products and services, deliver messages, promote companies, and inform audiences - all with riveting sight and sound animation. "They bring out the Kid in all of us!"

    Three-D-Motion characters are ideal wherever you need high "stopping-power" such as trade shows, showrooms, lobbies, and fairs. VP Animations helps exhibitors draw attention and traffic to their booths through animated characters that greet and "grab" passersby. Or, animated product may star in it's own production, showcasing its features before a captivated audience.

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